What a true water cluster scientist says…

Talk by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Martin Beyer (in German), January 25, 2017.

Martin Beyer is professor for experimental nano- und biophysics at the University Innsbruck, Austria, and makes experiments on water drops of only one nanometer in size, consisting of 50 molecules only. More informations here. His scientific publication list is impressing.

Here his talk about water “vitalisation”:

New water book

549_0Since fifteen years, I am not only confronted with threats and insults by Grander “technology” fans, but also with thank-you letters from grateful customers who saved expenses of thousands of Euro for a useless water vitalization device.

Dr. Helge Bergmann, chemist and author of the successful book “Wasser, das Wunderelement?”  will soon share similar experiences. He has written a new book on the huge market of esoteric water vitalizers (at the moment only available in German). Of course, he reveals only a fraction of the many existing water quacks; but those who understand his message will be careful with any other kind of promises of salvation. Thank you for that, Helge Bergmann!

Link to order via amazon.de

Link to the publisher

Link to the author’s blog

Open letter to GÖD (Austrian Union of Public Services)


Dear GÖD colleagues,

In 2012, I received the brochure “Offers for GÖD members, revised Edition June 2012“. Thank you very much; I appreciate that the union’s negotiations lead to special offers for members, and the partner companies will be happy to profit from advertising in the brochure.

However, one should be careful not to include esoteric humbug in such advertisements, Continue reading