High school thesis

Best high school thesis in Chemistry: The GÖCH, Austrian Chemical Society, awarded Doris Kitzmüller for her high school thesis “Myths of Water”. Her summary: “According to my own research and to previous studies, there is no effect of water vitalization”. Download of the thesis (pdf, right mouse button). Source: Die Presse, 2006 05 29

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  1. regretably it is not available in English. However, I can give you a short translation of the German summary:

    “According to previous and my own experiments, water “vitalisers” can not be regarded as effective. Neither the “Grander” vitaliser (Innutec company) nor the AQUAvital device showed the promised results.
    Grander technology claims that there are cientific proofs for the efficacy of the vitalising system – however, the present work could not confirm this statement.
    The microbioloogical examination did not indicate any changes by the Grabnder device. Two experiments showed no differences – such as previous examinations at different institutions – although Grander persists on microbiological changes. Measurements of pH, conductivity and oxygen showed no difference between “vitalised” and normal water.
    The distributors of both vitalising systems claim that water with their products tastes better. The gustatory tests performed here did not confirm this allegation. Test persons tasted only subjective differences.
    The AQUAvital device advertises especially with an effect on the calcium carbonate structure in treated water, without explaining the alleged phenomenon in detail. Two different experiments – microscopic observation of calcium carbonate structure and cooking pot deposits – could not confirm any structural changes. Lime crystals in treated and untreated water had a size between 2 µm and 5,5 µm, with no difference between untreated water and water treated with AQUAvital device.
    An experiments with plants was performed to check for the alleged influence of Grander technology on plant growth. Both treated and untreated weeds grew approximately the same.
    According to the results of the experiments performed herein, the tested vitalisation devices showed no efficacy, such as already confirmed by other institutions.

    In New Zealand, a court trial around Grander “vitalised” water took place in June, 2005. The NZ Grander distribution company was found guilty to pay NZ$136 000. Judge Merilena Burnett explicitly used the worde quackery and pseudo science in her decision: “If companies can’t back up their claims with solid proof, they shouldn’t be trading on them.”
    In Austria, “water vitalising systems” are very popular, and new products arise at the market consistently. We shall see what future scientific experiments will find out – or how long “water vitalisers” will survive in the free market without any proof of effectiveness.”

    Hope this helps! Best regards, ee

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