Open letter to GÖD (Austrian Union of Public Services)


Dear GÖD colleagues,

In 2012, I received the brochure “Offers for GÖD members, revised Edition June 2012“. Thank you very much; I appreciate that the union’s negotiations lead to special offers for members, and the partner companies will be happy to profit from advertising in the brochure.

However, one should be careful not to include esoteric humbug in such advertisements, which is exactly what is happening in your brochure: the „positiv water vitalizer“ (Scheidl company), available to GÖD members for “only” EUR 750,- (instead of 900,-). A waste of money, because water vitalization or information is physically impossible, as shown for example on my website and the publications cited there, such as

Ph. Wernet et al. (2004): The Structure of the First Coordination Shell in Liquid Water. Science 304 / 5673 (2004)

M. L. Cowan et al. (2005): Ultrafast memory loss and energy redistribution in the hydrogen bond network of liquid H2O. Nature 434, 199-202.

Moreover, the promise, Scheidl’s water vitalization would cure “allergies, low immunity, renal insufficiency, hyertension, skin diseases etc.“, which is the promise of medical effects of ordinary water, is against the law (Austrian § 5 Abs 3 Lebensmittelsicherheits- und Verbraucherschutzgesetz).


Publishing unlawful advertising promises in a brochure of the Austrian Union of Public Services affronts our colleagues in justice and executive authorities; additionally, the statement that water could be “vitalized” contradicts the state of the science and therefore mocks all our colleagues teaching and researching in science at schools and universities.

I therefore request your statement on this case and ask you for quit the collaboration with the Scheidl company and similar water bogus.

This open letter will be online on my website and on Your response is eagerly awaited and will be published there.

With best regards, your colleague Erich Eder


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