More than 50% donated within a month!

Incredible solidarity of rational people: Within one month only, more than 13,000.- Euro were donated – thanks to this Website for covering my court costs (more than 24,000.- for an, in my point of view, entirely ridiculous cause). 

The donation sums differ: Some donated 1 Euro (with accompanying mail “I am a poor student, but want to support your importat work symbolically”), sometimes deliberately original sums (e.g.13.33), several times even 500.- and more! This motivates and encourages me to continue working on the website you are currently reading, despite of occasional threats…

Grander water vitalization is pseudo-scientific humbug

The abovementioned court trial has nothing to do with my main claim: – Grander water is ineffective. I do not care who is (or was) Grander PR agent (although the connections between profiteering with quackery and the right-wing political spectrum could be an interesting topic). Grander water remains humbug. By suing me, they obviously wanted to muzzle me.

The total court costs, after having won at the Handelsgericht Wien, but lost at the supreme court Oberlandesgericht Wien, sum up to more than 24,000 Euro. this sentence could have brought about my downfall. But within one month only, significantly more than half of the sum was donated. Thank you, this shows immense solidarity, and that the majority refuses esoteric bullshit.

In 2005 already, New Zealand Grander sales company was sued due to misleading people about the benefits of Grander water treatment. For the future, I wish that Austrian courts will spend more time on esoteric quacks than on their critics!

A big thank you goes to the websites* reporting my case:

(*I have no connection with these sites, and am not responsible for the wording there!)

…and for the many “Shares” and “Likes” on Facebook !

Of course, my account / Paypal-account and all court expenses will be controlled by an independent observer at the end of this donation campaign.

Impossible to answer to all of you – therefore here:

A big thank you to all donators !!

Erich Eder

P.S.: The campaign continues! Click here!



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