Liquidation of “Aquapol”, Austrian company for wall draining systems

The following document (in German)

informs about the liquidation of the Austrian “Aquapol” company.

There, you find reasons for the liquidation and a prognosis for the company’s future: According to the initial statements, a company audit by the finance and health insurance authorities had led to considerable additional payments, because independent workers had to be classified as employees.
The company does not strive to continue the business. Both company and the professional licence have already been closed, the company now will be liquidated.

Financial assets do not seem to be rosy:
The value of the remaining drying devices needs to be evaluated.

It is only too well known that these “free energy moisture control devices” are effectiveless

Aquapol was invented by the highest Austrian “Church of Scientology” member, Wilhelm Mohorn, and promoted by Dr. Hans Kronberger, public relations manager of Grander water vitalisation devices, who died in July 2018, only 67 years old, and a convinced Grander water drinker.

In the long run, evidence based science is more worthwile than pseuso-scientific esoterics…!


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