It is everybody’s duty to express it
if he recognizes something as wrong
Stefan Heym, 2001.

Dr. Erich Eder, Assistant Professor for Biology, teaches at the Medical Faculty, Sigmund Freud University Vienna, and at the Life Science Faculty, University of Vienna. As an author and reviewer for well-regarded scientific journals such as Hydrobiologia, Developments in Hydrobiology, Archiv für Hydrobiologie, Marine & Freshwater Research or International Review of Hydrobiology, he is literally an “expert for truly vitalized water“. Since 1998 member of GWUP e.V., an organization that encourages the critical investigation of paranormal and fringe-science claims from a responsible, scientific point of view; co-founder and until 2011 Vice President of the Gesellschaft für Kritisches Denken (GWUP Austria). Since September, 2003, the Tyrolean company U.V.O., distributor of the Grander® products that supposedly “vitalize” water, and the “energisch” PR agency (Dr. Hans Kronberger) had taken legal action three times against Dr. Eder (total litigation value: approx. 60,000.00 EUR). Court rulings see at “Recent News“. Since then and thereforenumerous talks about the inefficacy of “vitalized” water at People’s highschools, “University meets Public”, in TV and at international meetings.
2008: Josef-Schöffel Encouragement Prize of Lower Austria
2004: Encouragement Prize of the City of Vienna for Science
2002/2003: Guest Scientist at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark
1999: Theodor-Körner-Award for Science
All facts and results of this website have been collected carefully and according to the latest research known to the author. Should you encounter errors or miss important scientific results, please inform me instead of suing me.

Explanation according to the philosophy of science: The sentence “Grander technology is ineffective” is a so-called zero hypothesis, supported by many studies, which, according to Karl Popper, is valid until its falsification.

Declaration acc. to § 25 MedienGesetz, Republic of Austria
(BGBl. Nr. 314/1981 & BGBl I 49/2005)

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Ass.-Prof. Dr. Erich Eder
Sigmund Freud University, Medical School
Freudplatz 3, 1020 Vienna, Austria, Europe

Editorial policy:
This web site promotes popular science and consumer protection. Contrary to frequently spread rumors, I herewith declare that I neither am nor ever was financed by the pharmaceutic industry or other sinistre lobbies.


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