Legal aspects

Grander water is esoteric,
pseudoscientific humbug.

(Erich Eder)

Court decisions about Grander Water:

  • Provisional order against Grander distributor U.V.O., interdicting medically relevant statements, obtained by the “Schutzverband gegen Unwesen in der Wirtschaft e.V.” (Association against Nuisance in Economy) at the Regional Court Munich, Germany (2003-10-03):
    Download here (in German)
  • Grander sales company Ecoworld NZ Ltd sued due to misleading people about the benefits of Grander water treatment: “Promotional material contained inconsistencies, quackery and pseudo-science” (2005-07-26):
    Press release New Zealand Commerce Commission
  • Provisional order rejected: it had been claimed by U.V.O. against Dr. Eder and the Sceptic Society GWUP e.V. at the High Court Vienna. It is legal to say “Because they are afraid for their business, the distributors of the allegedly energetically treated ‘Grander water’ want to forbid criticism to the Austrian zoologist Erich Eder” (GZ.3R145/04x).
  • U.V.O. against Eder – The “Oberlandesgericht” (High Court) of Vienna has decided: the statement, Grander water and/or Grander technology would be esoteric, pseudo-scientific humbug , is legal. Likewise, Eder’s moral reproach was considered as justified that people suffering from dangerous diseases like borelliosis or cancer could possibly trust the effects of the miracle water and do without urgently necessary medical treatment. Regarding fraud, the tribunal regarded the proof as not sufficient, because the company provides a three month free return:
    Download here (in German)

If you know further court decisions not mentioned here, please let me know!

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