The principles

Never to accept anything for true
than what was presented to my mind so clearly
and distinctly as to exclude all ground of doubt.

(René Descartes, Discours de la méthode)

The Grander process changes the inner structure of water
and returns the water molecules to a highly ordered state,
making the water more stable” (

In Austria, the Tyrolean Johann Grander is somewhat an institution regarding “vitalised” water. His “vitalisation” is done by devices filled by so-called “information water”, either installed at the tapwater pipe or dipped directly into the water. This information water is the base of all other product applications of “Grander Technology”. According to the Grander company, hundreds of thousands users worldwide beleive in “vitalised” water, among them several wellness hotels. Of course, the costs of their water devices are financed by their customers – via the room invoice. Even in some restaurants, it may happen that you are charged for “Grander water” – without having ordered it…

The consumer is kept agnostic about how Grander water works. “Grander Water Vitalisation is a technology of information transfer (transfer of natural information of highest order)”. This sentence does not tell a lot, as it is entirely unknown what “natural informations” means.

Johann Grander himself, enquiried by the local court in Kitzbühel (Tyrol, Austria), further explained his personal secret of Grander-“Technology” as follows:


Before (Fig.1): Two glasses filled with water. The left one contains Grander water and is claimed to contain certain “nature informations”, at a “highly ordered state”. The right one contains tap water.


After (Fig.2): Two glasses filled with water, a few minutes later. The glass on the right side now also contains “nature informations”, the “highly ordered state” has been transferred by the left glass. This kind of transfer, however supposed to work by itself, is called “Grander Technology”.


According to the same principle (Fig.3 – source:, the commercially available “water vitalisation devices” are reported to work: the water running through does not come into contact with the wonder water, but – without any energy being supplied – acquires the miraculous “information”, achieves a “highly ordered state”.

A quite simple principle, isn’t it? – But then why is Grander “Technology” so expensive (a household device costs approximately 1,000.00 EUR), if it works so easily…?

In fact, this “technology” (which actually is none) is contradictory to the Second Law of Thermodynamics. This “Second Law”, well known to any high school graduate, is one of the main laws of physics and has never been falsified so far (whoever falsified it would certainly receive the Nobel Prize). It states that the entropy of an isolated system will tend to increase over time (which means that the state of order will decrease) if no energy is added. Source:

In short: producing a state of higher order or transferring any information is not possible without energy. Just look at all the mobile telephones around you – or at the screen where you just read these informations…


P.S.: It is interesting that the new website of Grander (since 2005) does not any more include the nice picture they presented before (Fig.4), where the Grander device was ornamented by technoid blue magnetic (?) field lines (?). In the device, there is no magnet. Also, the illustration showing “broken” (to the left) and “beautiful” hexagonal crystal structures (to the right) is wrong. Such structures do not occur in liquid water. Source: Wernet et al. Science 304 / 5673 (2004)

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