Who does not know anything, must believe everything.
(Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach)

As mentioned, the pretended working principle of Grander “technology” is contradictory to the elementary laws of physics. Therefore, reported effects would not need to be examined at all. If Grander’s theories were correct, no technical devices based on the laws of physics would function at all: no cars, no electricity, no space flights. The whole universe would look different.

But let’s forget about the whole working principle – this is what the inventor prefers: The essential question is – do these devices have any effects? A question easy to be answered, even without understanding the working principles.

At the beginning, statements about Grander water efficacy were made without any objective facts. All statements were based on “users’ personal experience”. Of course, such reports are not objective: Never underestimate the force ofautosuggestion, and self-deception due to selective perception!

In the meanwhile, numerous studies have been made, partly independent, partly sponsored by the Grander companies. Read the results and the judgement on their scientific value (Attention, there are some links still missing, they will be updatet ASAP):

In summary, none of the “scientific studies” supporting the “Grander effect” is a valuable proof, whereas several serious studies falsify the pretended effects of Grander “technology”.

Considering these studies together with the contradiction of Grander “technology” to the elementary laws of physics, we conclude with highest possible probability that Grander “technology“ is an economically successful, but ineffective and pseudoscientific product, descending from the Esoteric environment.

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